Byron Starr

My reading hobby branched into a writing hobby in 1999. Over the next three years I saw several short stories published in print and on the internet. On February 1, 2002 my first novelette, Flatheads came into circulation. Ironically, that was the very day that the space shuttle Columbia fell out of the sky. Due to my day job as a small town undertaker I found myself wrapped up in the recovery effort; when it was all said and done I was involved in the recovery of all seven astronauts. The next four years were spent hammering out a nonfiction book focusing on the Columbia recovery effort in Sabine County. My book Finding Heroes came into circulation in October 2006, and Iím now back to writing fiction (Thank God). Iím a little rusty, but Iíve had some success. My first novel Ace Hawkins and the Wrath of Santa Claus will be coming out some time in the Summer or Fall of 2008.